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Went to Aldis for Halloween candy. Though they had a few great deals...I think in general the specials that the "big box" stores run will save more money in the long run.

I've been using my Zojirushi Rice cooker on the porridge setting to make some awesome morning breakfast cereal. In most Asian countries...rice porridge is a common breakfast food...and a common "chicken soup" sort of remedy for colds and not feeling well.

For pennies of rice and oatmeal and some of the dried Aldis cranberries...I can eat pretty well in the morning.

Of course...the Zojirushi Rice Cooker was kind of an expensive investment...but considering rice in a pot is one of the things that I'm absolutely lousy at cooking...a rice cooker is kind of like running water around my house. And this one is absolutely foolproof.

If you have a fancy rice cooker. 1 "rice" cup of rice...and 1/2 rice cup of oatmeal and one rice cup of dried fruit will make a wonderful hot breakfast. Fill to the 1.5 cup porridge line on the inside of the cooker and set the timer for first thing in the morning...and you can wake up to hot cereal.


I say rice cup...because the cooker comes with its own measuring cup.

I own the Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer model. I managed to find mine used...but I'd pay full price for it I find it that useful. Perfect rice...and it makes boxed rice dishes perfectly...you just put in whatever the box says and use the "mixed rice" setting...so Spanish Rice...all that sort of stuff is a no brainer. Also cooks grains like quinoa and barley and wheat berries. And it's nice to be able to set my rice to cook...and then turn to stir-frying my Aldis veggies and some chicken without worrying about a burnt pan of rice!
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