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My favorite cheapo dishes...use your broiler.

I figure I started it...I'll start the posting.  I've rediscovered my broiler.  You know...that hard to clean drawer at the bottom of your oven.

Aldi's cornish hens.  $1.99.

So...I split the hens...baste on a little teriyaki sauce...and 6-8 minutes on each side and I HAVE LIFTOFF!

That's 165 degrees on a meat thermometer FYI.

Also...their country pork ribs.  Chunk them up and you have great stir fry pork.  For like $2 a container.  Or...you can put them on skewers...baste them with teriyaki sauce and  BROIL THEM.  Three to five minutes...each side...until no pink.


My broiler pan fits in the dishwasher.  The "under" catch pan?  A little aluminum foil...those new "sheets" work great...and voila!  BBQ taste without all the boy scout pee.
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