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Booze Views

Well...I went to the Aldi Foods on Montrose and Lincoln in Chicago. They have a small liquor section. Thumbs up to whatever their weird German beer is...Wernesgruner. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wernesgr%C3%BCner At $4.99 for a six pack...it's miles beyone Bud...and about the same price. The Diamante Malbec blend was tasty...much smoother than a Shiraz...but similar in punch and fruit. I picked up a bottle of Irish Cream for $7.99. Bought a couple of other wines I haven't dived into yet.

But the new "Asian Selections" special purchase rocks. I have tons of Asian noodles and sauces...and add a few veggies and they're really tasty.

Also the bottles of marinade and stir-fry sauce...if you read the fine print...they're all manufactured in Germany. So I'm expecting the food quality to be pretty decent.

My last shopping trip also included their Fit and Active blue corn chips...and Salsa. Their black bean/corn salsa is VERY good.

And diging through their dog biscuits...most of their Shep brand is made in Australia. Which is encouraging...because I don't think they were included in the tainted Chinese wheat gluten problem. So I bought Rerun biscuits and chews. The biscuits were 99cents a box. Can't beat that at Petco. The rawhide bag...was 3.99. That would get me ONE chew at Petco...this was a WHOLE BAG of them. Nice.

I'm almost done with my price list. When I am...I'll post it online. What's a price list? I made a list of all the common items I buy at Aldi...and the price. Then when I go to Jewel...I take the list with and compare. If it's cheaper at Aldi's...it doesn't go into my cart. If it's a better deal...I stock up.
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