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aldis_gourmet's Journal

Aldis Gourmet - USA
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Shopping at America...and the world's greatest cheap grocery store. Ideas and recipes.
Aldi's Gourmet is a community to share recipes, ideas...and local price lists for grocery and household items that can be bought at Aldi's Food Stores. Also...news and rumors as to which "name brand" companies manufacture Aldi's store brands.

Look at the website for a store near you! http://www.aldifoods.com/

Did you know Aldi's is owned by the same holding company that owns Trader Joes?


Did you know:

Aldi's Cereal is made by General Mills.
Aldi's Snack Chips are made by Frito Lay.
Most of the conveniance foods and canned goods are made by Kraft, Marie Callendar, and Del Monte.

Tip: Bring a laundry basket to put in your cart...and have the check out person put the stuff in the basket. No muss, no fuss.

Tip: Ask when your local Aldi's gets it's "truck" of produce. Go shopping the next day for fresh veggies and fruits!