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Weekly Aldi Update

Well...I bought a case of Fuze at Aldi's last week. I have to day...the entire case for $11 has really saved me some cash. Pop out of our machines at work is .80 a can. One of these things lasts me all day...and I have the bottles to put Kombucha in. Mmmm...

I also bought a bunch of dust rags and such at their $2.99 sale a couple of weeks back...and they've proved to be an incredibly good buy. Next week...they have gasoline powered generators on sale for around $200.

As for food...I'm in love with their organic soymilk. Yay! But I've noticed the sugar in some of their breakfast cereals is off the chart. Yikes! As I'm planning on heading off of my Medifast diet back onto WW...that won't work. Ah well.

So far...I have yet to crack open any of the Asian Sauces...but one of the Asian Salad Dressings...the ginger whatever dressing...is very good. Kind of thin...so more of a "tossed" salad dressing.

Their frozen hot wings...are HOT btw. FYI.

I've been using their version of Gardnier Fructis hair shampoo and conditioner for several weeks now...and also proclaim it a good buy. Considering I usually buy Aveda shampoo...or Jason Botanicals from Whole Foods...$1.99 for nice smelling shampoo that works vs. $7.99 is a pretty good buy.

I bought their chicken burgers...and declare them tasty. I'm thinking of trying their salmon burgers this week...and will let everyone know how they are. Also...they're supposed to have some Boca items on a special purchase. I haven't gone to see if that's true. I'm contemplating making swedish-ish meatballs for Saturday...I have a couple of packages of meatless meatballs...and making up a quick mushroom gravy for them is a no brainer. Then all I need are noogles.

I'm looking for somewhere to post my price list. Currently it's on an excel spreadsheet...but if anyone is interested...I might make it a wiki somewhere. For now...if you'd like a copy...send me an e-mail.
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