fuzzyscribble (fuzzyscribble) wrote in aldis_gourmet,

Aldi Primavera

One pound box of pasta $0.49
One container of mushrooms $0.99
One three pack of tri-colored bell peppers $2.69
One large onion 3lb bag/$1.59
Garlic 3 bulbs/$0.69
Kidney beans, $0.39 a can.

One hell of a large pot of really tasty pasta.

I set a pot of water to boil...and while it's boiling...I cut up my veggies and mince the garlic. People like their veggies any which way...but I tend to make them "stir-fry" size. I also use an entire bulb of garlic...because I'm whack that way.

Cook the pasta al dente. While pasta is cooking. Stir fry veggies until "just" cooked. In my case...I kind of scare the veggies a little. I like them crunchy.

Right before draining the cooked pasta...I open the can of kidney beans...and dump them in with the hot pasta and water. Then I drain the pasta with the kidney beans. Heats them up a little...and you don't have to drain and rinse them seperately. Then I toss the pasta with the veggies. Salt, pepper, oregano, add a little parmasean cheese and maybe a drizzle of olive oil...and you'd never know it all came from Aldi's.

If I have fresh basil or a jar of pesto...more's the better.

Great as cold pasta salad for lunch the next day too.
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