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I think I'm turning Japanese...

Last trip to Aldi's was rather produce heavy. I was amazed to find SNOW PEAS!! I had a wonderful stir-fry of snow peas, onions and tofu...purchased at the regular supermarket...with one of the Aldis Asian Sauces. And rice. With a side of pickles. (Below.) It really was wonderful.

I've been reading up on ethinic food...especially Japanese because I love making bento lunches. I bought a book on tsukemono...or Japanese pickles. I made a light "pickle salad" of Aldi cucumbers...lemon slices...garlic...white vinegar...and a bit of sugar and salt. Here's the general directions...though it's very much "to taste."

1/2 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup sugar (or Splenda)
2 tblsp salt (they are pickles after all)
2 cloves garlic
One lemon, washed...thinly sliced...and then the slices cut into quarters.
Two cucumbers sliced into 1/2" thick rounds, halved.

I have a pickle press...which is an odd Japanese kitchen gadget that can be simulated with a bowl...plate...and a couple of heavy cans. Heat the vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic and lemon in a pan until the sugar dissolves. Pour the warm mixture over the cucumbers. Toss the cucumbers. Put a plate that fits inside the bowl on top of the mixture...and weigh down with cans. Let it rest for an hour...then put the whole thing in a container in the fridge. Traditionally, they're eaten as a side dish with rice in Japan. (Which I've never been to...I'm no expert.) I like them as a small side dish...or in my lunchbox in place of regular salad...which wilts. :-( I'm weird...and like eating the lemon slices...but you can pick them out. It's VERY zesty.

I bought one of the water kettles that was on Aldis special purchase...and I'm so happy with it! It works great! I'd be excited to hear anyone else's reviews of Aldi's appliances...and how they cook with them.
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